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Private Running Sessions*
60, 45, 30 minute sessions available


For those who can not make it to a group class or who prefer to work on a specific goal, a private or semi-private (up to three people) may be a better option. All ages.


  • All levels welcome. Advanced runners can race better. Beginners will learn the basics.

  • Cross country coaching/road race coaching

  • 5k –-> marathon training plans

  • Understand proper form and how to safely increase your mileage

  • Go from being a walker to a runner and actually enjoy a good run

  • Learn how to run without the pressure of a large running group

Adult Running Classes* 
Interval Running:
Call or text for times.


Interval Training classes are done on the treadmills at TrueFit Gym in Tenafly, NJ They are done by effort level rather than specific speeds, so runners of all levels can complete the class. The sessions are up to six people and consist of 45 minutes of fast/slow speeds, high/low inclines at varying intervals to optimize fitness and metabolic impact.

Teen Running Classes*
Interval Running:
Call or text for times.

For ages 12+, Teen Interval Running classes are done on the treadmills at TrueFit Gym and are similar to the adult classes. 

  • Add power and speed to any other sport

  • Learn to love running and keep fit

  • Take a "Teen" Class and develop power and performance with other teens your age

"I must tell you how excited Jordyn was yesterday that she ran as fast as she did... and [my husband] noticed a difference in Dylan's running already at his baseball game!"

-Stacey G. , Tenafly, NJ

"I look forward to my 45 minutes with Alex Champ each week. There is not a better running workout in Bergen County."

-Tracy F. , Demarest, NJ

*24 Hour Cancellation policy on all classes and private/semi-private sessions. Failure to do so will result in full charge for the session/class.
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